What is the „Klingende Brücke“ (Sounding Bridge) München?

The „Klingende Brücke München“ is a meeting place for all people who like to sing and who enjoy languages, traditional songs and cultural exchange. No special musical knowledge is needed to sing along, the simple melodies are easy to pick up. Lyrics are spoken through in the original languages; sheet music, lyrics and translations are provided in written form. Accompaniment is provided with guitars and other musical instruments, and everyone is welcome to bring their own instruments.

At our meetings we sing songs together in a relaxed atmosphere in all European languages and many other languages of the world. We also look into the background of the songs and languages. Contributions are most welcome. Each evening of Klingende Brücke München has a specific theme, for example „Food and Drink“, „Rivers of Europe“, „Musical Instruments“ or „Emigrants“. Songs of farewell and death are just as much a part of the programme as are songs about the joy of life, love and wine.

It doesn’t matter if you know German well or are just starting to learn. At the „Klingende Brücke München“ you can meet people, sing songs in your mother tongue and many other languages, and learn German at the same time. We meet several times a year for international song festivals where we eat, drink, celebrate, make music and dance.

Margarete Löwensprung has led the meetings of Klingende Brücke München since 1993. She studied social sciences at the Free University of Berlin and education, music psychology and intercultural communication at the University of Munich. With her extensive background knowledge, she brings people of all ages from all over the world together for mutual exchange. She has loved singing with others ever since she can remember. In Munich, Margarete Löwensprung has built up an extensive song archive. She herself is a walking archive, and can spontaneously sing songs in more than fifty languages. For her commitment, Margarete Löwensprung was awarded the Medal of Honour of the City of Munich in 2007 for special services to folk culture.

At the moment we meet every 14 days at the „Nachbarschaftstreff Feierwerk“ in Munich-Sendling. In summer we sing outside on a large terrace surrounded by green trees and in winter we sit in the cosy meeting room of the house. Access is barrier-free. Admission is free, but those who wish to give a donation can do so. Drinks are available at reasonable prices, you are also welcome to bring your own drinks.

Contact: info(at)klingendebruecke-muenchen.de